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Your full-service logistics partner

Whether it concerns the distribution for online shops, retail distribution or supply contract logistics across Europe, at ALC Warehousing we can be of service.

Our handling capabilities range from small volumes for established online retailers to large volumes for global forwarders. Our customers are always aware of the status of their stock through the real-time reporting from our warehouses.

The key to our inventory management is the detailed recording of all products in the Warehouse Management System. With this innovative system, the stock of our clients is managed on different levels such as FEFO, FIFO, LIFO and lot numbers.

Storage facilities at ALC warehousing.


Our warehouses are centrally located in the Netherlands and are both close to the port of Rotterdam as well as Amsterdam Schiphol airport. The large setup with 25,000m² of warehouse space, up to 15 meters high, multiple docks and high-tech facilities make ALC warehousing the ideal logistics partner.

The following storage facilities are available:

> Open & bulk storage.

> High rack & shelf storage.

> Storage of Food products with expiration dates.

> Storage of goods with serial and batch numbers.

> Storage of temperature controlled goods +15 - +21 degrees.

Modular services

In addition to our warehousing operations we can provide the following modular services (with our partners) to cover the entire logistics in your supply chain:

> Transport in the country of production.

> Transport by sea or air to the EU.

> Transport to our secured warehouses in the Netherlands.

> Completion of VAT and duty obligations related to the import into the EU area (including fiscal representation).

> Transport from our secured warehouses to your customers or other locations.

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Modular services by ALC warehousing.