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Value added logistics

At ALC warehousing we have a lot of experience in the improvement of distribution and logistics processes for our customers and how to add real value to their business operations.

An important part of this is our ability to carry out certain logistics operations from our own warehouses. Below are a few examples of activities that we perform for our customers. All these services can be customized to fit your exact requirements.

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Value added logistics from ALC warehousing

Quality checks

ALC warehousing can perform all kinds of quality controls to assure that customer queries and product returns are kept to a minimum.

For example by checking the:

> Barcode on the packaging or label.

> Appearance of a product.

> Correct functioning of a product.

Product adjustments

Some of the more common adjustments that we do for our customers are:

> Tagging and labelling.

> Packaging, repackaging and sealing.

> Assembly and disassembly work.

Special services

ALC warehousing has spacious rework centres where we do, among other things, the following for our clients:

> Building and filling displays for retailers.

> Packing of gift items.

> Completion of semi-finished to finished products.