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If you choose ALC warehousing, you have access to a rigorously selected network of global and specialist partners in every area of logistic services. As we work closely with these partners you can rely on the best possible execution of all aspects in the logistics chain.

ALC warehousing has large warehouses located in the centre of the Netherlands close to both the port of Rotterdam as well as Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. In our warehouses we operate with fully certified technology which guarantees both the safety and security of your products. These qualities provide additional benefits for our clients in the form of cost savings due to lower insurance premiums. We can also provide services customised to your specific needs including assembly and packaging of products.


ALC warehousing works with highly advanced technology which is constantly updated with the latest developments. We provide Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to all our customers to assure them of the continuous quality of our services.

We work with a team of dedicated, full time employees who receive regular training in order to meet the latest standards regarding logistic services and certifications. This makes it possible for ALC warehousing to consistenly achieve the professionalism that is required by our clients.


The goalĀ of ALC warehousing is to provide our clients with “standard solutions , custom delivered”. In order to reduce the costs for our clients as much as possible we work with standard solutions which we call modular services. Any additional needs they might have we then customise to their specific requirements.

The modular services form the basis of operations at ALC warehousing. These services cover all aspects of the logistics chain and we provide the flexibility to our customers to select only the services that they require. These modular services are partly supplied by partners of ALC warehousing.

High-tech Infrastructure

ALC warehousing uses an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS), which makes it possible to provide the following to our clients:

> Tracking and tracing of incoming and outgoing stock.
> Real time reports of your stock in our warehouses.
> Data backup and recovery.
> 24/7 WMS access with a personal login.
> Electronic data interchange (EDI), linked to all CRM software packages.
> Cycle counting for inventory audits.
> Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reporting.

ALC warehousing also stands out due to the following certifications, guidelines and features:

> ISO 9001:2008 certification.
> HACCP certification.
> AEO certification.
> SKAL BIO Certification
> Temperature controlled storage according to GDP guidelines.
> Certified sprinkler protection (for enhanced safety and lower insurance costs).
> In-house gas measurement of incoming sea containers.
> Detailed pest control management plan.

With regards to international trade we also have the resources, involving our specialist partners, to deal with custom permits and to arrange for the required transport documents.

Every customer is unique to ALC warehousing so we can always adjust our systems to match individual requirements.