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Customs and duties

Customs advice by ALC warehousing

Import duties, excise duties, agricultural levies and value added tax (VAT) are all elements that require serious consideration from companies that have international operations. We can help you dealing with these matters through our expert partners in all parts of taxation.

One of the services we can offer in cooperation with our partners is fiscal representation. A fiscal representative takes on the obligation from a company to pay the VAT that is due when importing goods into the EU via the Netherlands. This gives a business that wants to distribute goods in the EU an instant liquidity advantage.

The additional advantage of using a fiscal representative is that, after customs clearance, the goods can be directly transported (without restrictions) to your clients in the EU from our warehouses or any of the major ports in the Netherlands. The fiscal representation scheme makes it very attractive for both businesses based in and outside the EU to use the Netherlands (and ALC warehousing) as a hub when importing products into the EU.

ALC warehousing can also help it's customers with obtaining customs permits and with finding a suitable customs agent.

Questions about this? ALC warehousing and its expert partners are happy to be of further assistance.